How Power is Maintained

The manipulation of the poor is evident in the way politicians threaten to stop paying social security checks, complain about the lack of funding for public education, and highlight the shortfalls in the food stamp or government housing programs. The rhetoric is always designed to strike fear both in the hearts of the dependent class as well as into the hearts of the more independent classes who are at risk to a destabilized dependent class within their communities.

The technique seems to work very well as we continue to re-elect an ever more unpopular group of people to positions of power and tolerate the continuation of the fraudulent, violent, unprincipled, and unreasonable edicts and actions of the government they administrate. This may sound like a grand conspiracy, the intent being so malevolent that it makes it hard to believe it to be true, but consider that the malevolent intent needs not to be present in order for the system to manifest these problems. The simple nature of the transaction of dependency combined with the politician’s and bureaucrat’s natural inclination to perpetuate their position creates the environment of manipulation without the need for an organized, malevolent conspiracy.

You may be wondering: If this technique is so effective in maintaining government power, even without a conspiracy, why has the opposite effect not been purposely capitalized upon to depose oppressive governments? In fact this technique is very commonly used to overthrow governments and we see it happen regularly.

Generally the first action the "global community" takes against a regime they don't like is to sanction the regime. These sanctions remove the ability for the regime to feed their people, sanctions are coupled with humanitarian aid provided via the entity that will ultimately be used to rule the country (the UN). The sanctions and subsequent humanitarian aid serve to redirect the dependency of the people away from the regime being deposed, and on to the humanitarian force. Rebels from within the dependent class are then armed and allowed to overthrow the target regime violently and establish a weak puppet government that is typically overthrown every few years through a repeat of this same process.

The establishment of a regime born out of a violent rebellion helps to perpetuate the convenient myth that political power is established by violence, meanwhile the "humanitarian" arm of the UN remains in place as the actual authority over the region, stepping in whenever necessary to prop up another local administrator. (For an example of this phenomenon see every tin pot dictator in Africa) The term “NGO” or “Non Government Organization”, which is a household word in “developing” countries where the UN has a significant presence, is really a misleading, Orwellian term. It is often by the means of the NGO that political authority is actually established and directed.

Powerful states that have the ability to sustain themselves have the direct resources to feed their population (they don’t even have to do this well, they just have to keep out the competition), and their population is also systematically propagandized to accept their own dependence, disarmament, and if necessary genocidal culling in order to maintain a manageable and obedient dependent class. In short, in order to overthrow a regime, undermine their ability to feed the population and then arm the population and let the situation play out, we have seen it happen all throughout history.

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