We can talk about liberty all we want but we will never achieve it unless we are actually able to diffuse the very real authority that the state holds over the people. What the Constitution says is irrelevant if the state has another will and the authority to accomplish it. Their authority is established by the dependency of the poor upon them. This dependency is established through social welfare programs that feed, house, and provide other services to the masses from whom all political power throughout all of history had been derived.

The only way to fracture the political power base of the state is to redirect the dependency of the poor away from the state, by meeting their needs in a superior fashion, much like what happens to a regime when sanctions are placed upon it and it is no longer able to feed its own people. The people quickly turn on it and place their political self-determination upon whatever entity steps up to feed them. The poor I am talking about feeding are not only the innocent victims of social misfortune, but also the despised fraudsters who game the system in order to take advantage of it. If it were not worth it to the state to tolerate this fraud they would find a way to stop it, it really isn't that difficult to do, but they don't. Because it is worth it to pay for a man's food and even his home if he will relinquish his political authority.

The simple fact of the matter is that unless we are willing to make the sacrifice to take on the burden of the dependent class, the state will never give up its authority, and we shouldn't expect it of them because by the nature of dependent transactions, they have secured it.


  • Our federal government is incompetent, corrupt, and in many cases evil.
  • Their agents regularly commit acts of violence and fraud that are totally immoral.
  • For some reason, even though their acts are immoral, we cannot resist them and our arguments against their immoral acts seem to fall on deaf ears.
  • Our avenues of resistance all seem to be fruitless, or worse, only serve to strengthen the existing system.  Many people have offered up solutions, none of those solutions seem to work as none of them are able to effectively dislodge the authority of the established regime.
  • I believe the reason these things are so is that the federal government actually does have the authority to do the things they are doing, and they have garnered this authority by carrying out the activity that has historically always been used to transfer actual political power, feeding the poor.
  • My conclusion is this: The secret to achieving political power is by feeding the poor, and the secret to achieving liberty is by feeding the poor in a way that the dependency resulting from the transaction is not able to be manipulated by a human or human institution.

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