A Safety Net for the Safety Net

It is a fact that our current systems of social welfare are funded by our government’s counterfeit currency that is currently at a real risk of becoming destabilized. As the American government continues to inflate their money and engage in debt and spending, the money they use to pay for these social programs will quickly begin to purchase less and less.  The state can stay its hand of violence as long as it’s hand of benevolence can keep the population under control, as that ability fades through the destruction of the currency, violent methods will quickly be seized upon in order to maintain power.

It would be very beneficial for the security of our communities to have another benevolence system in place, a safety net for the safety net, should a currency or debt crisis put our dependent populations at a risk of destabilization. Even if the system could be stood up where it was only partially functional, it would be a smart move to have it in place prior to any kind of economic incident. The key to getting the system off the ground will be communicating the idea, establishing an open source developer community, and most importantly appealing to individuals and organization to actually fund needs through the system.

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